Music leaders


Judy Ferguson is the musical director of Murrumbidgee Magic Chorus. Her unstinting effort and enthusiasm keep us working hard while having a worthwhile educational experience and a lot of fun besides.

Judy has been a member of Murrumbidgee Magic since 1995, serving as Assistant Director until 2017 when she became Director,

She has been involved with music in the schools for many years, directing the Wagga Wagga Combined Primary Schools Senior Choir for many years as well as co-directing the Riverina Central Choir.

Judy also directs the Wagga City Rugby Male Choir,  a group of 80 members which sing a repertoire fromtraditional male voiced music to contempory and is a member of the Male Choirs Assoc.of Australia.  




Assistant Director

Julie Webber is the Assistant Director of Murrumbidgee Magic Chorus. Julie was choreographer of the chorus for many years before stepping up to Assistant Director in 2017.

Julie has been active in the world of dance around Wagga for many years and has been an MMC member since 1995. She uses her talents in movement and choreography to help the chorus members develop the showmanship side of their performance.

Julie is also the Baritone Section Leader.


Music Team

Judy Ferguson,Julie Webber, Judi Hoy, Denise Newman, Karen Magno,Jenny O'Neill, Kris Bowmann, Tracey Meech, Judy Gollasch.


Visual Team

Judy Ferguson,Julie Webber, Denise Newman,  Kris Bowmann, Tammy Clarke, Di Ghiggioli.


Management Team

Judy Ferguson, Lyn Eacott, Lyn Weier (team coordinator), Tammy Clarke, Katrina Walker, Roz Beste, Jenny Ellis, Jodie Brown, Janet Moriarty, Carolyn Hatherly